Two Poems

"Girl Scout Camp circa 1970" and "Rope" by CCHP alumna Terry Fletcher


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A poem by CCHP alumni Terri Mason

Thank You, Commonweal

By Daniel Raskin The Commonweal cancer support community became a vital part of my life when my partner, Ann Weissman, died from cancer three years ago last February. Ann got ovarian cancer in 1993.  After treatment and recovery she returned…

In Exile

Sharing moments from a tender counseling session with a bereaved mother, Janie Brown takes a strong and compassionate look at the impact of loss on our hearts and our lives. Do we actually “move on?” Do we actually “get over it?”

Rough Initiations

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When the door closes to the group room for the first time on Tuesday morning in Kohler House, we enter as nine discreet individuals, often carrying uncertainty and anxiety into the room. Tentative movements are made, perhaps to test the ground…