Members of Bay Area Young Survivors (BAYS) share some issues that are common to all those who live with cancer. But having been diagnosed under the age of 45, they face other issues that are unique to younger people who have breast cancer, including:

  • Treatment options
  • Doctor/patient relationships
  • Side-effect management
  • Body image after surgery/treatment
  • Dating/relationships/sex
  • Early menopause/loss of fertility
  • Reproductive/parenting options
  • Caring for young children, career path
  • Recurrence/progression
  • Life after treatment/the new normal
  • Death and dying
  • Thriving and surviving

The group provides alternating retreats for BAYS non-metastatic women and for Mets-in-the-City (MITC) metastatic women. They offer three Friday-through-Sunday retreats a year at Commonweal for up to 11 women, and their philosophy and guiding principles are the same as those of the Commoneal Cancer Help Program.

You must be a member of BAYS or MITC to attend.

For more information, see the BAYS website.