The purpose of Beyond Conventional Cancer Therapies (BCCT) is to help motivated people with cancer explore the best integrative approaches to cancer diagnosis and treatment. The site is also for family members, friends, clinicians, researchers, and cancer advocates.

The goal of BCCT is to contribute to evidence-based integrative cancer care and to help you search for what might help beyond conventional therapies and mainstream investigational therapies.

BCCT staff members review a wide range of integrative and complementary therapies. They report on what’s known about benefits, risks, side effects, and anything else that may help you make choices that fit your lifestyle, disease, philosophy, finances, and especially your sense of what’s right for you.

The site is designed to help you make informed decisions, either on your own or, preferably, with your trusted healthcare team.

BCCT was co-founded by Michael Lerner, who also co-founded the Cancer Help Program.

BCCT is an exceptional resource. There is certainly no shortage of information about integrative cancer care on the internet. The challenge is to find credible, trustworthy and reliable information. BCCT provides just this, and it doesn’t end there. This site provides informed hope and inspires confidence in individuals diagnosed with cancer as well as in their caregivers. Information is power—the power to make informed choices and to be an active participant in your own treatment experience. BCCT is at the top of my referral list for web-based information on integrative cancer care—a sparkling gem to illuminate your cancer journey.