by Stuart C. Johnson

I’m learning to live
with my scars.
I’m starting to feel
they’re a part of me now.
A road map of life,
etched in my skin;
the badges I wear,
carved in my flesh.
The scalpel does slice,
the blood dribbles out
but healing takes place
without my advice.

How bizarre this life,
how extraordinary the walk
on this planet, Earth,
with all its toil and travail.
To come from oblivion,
to find ourselves immersed
in this land of deep shadows,
scorching sun and stand,
amazed by the systems at work-
man and nature:
to realize our small part
on this short side of eternity∞


Excerpt from the book a human becoming by Stuart C. Johnson © 2014

Header photo by Corinne Bayley